Fresh Guava

Packaging Type White Thermocol with ice gel
Packaging Size 6.0 kg Nett Weight

Product Name Fresh Guava
Style White Fresh Guava

Red Fresh Guava

Size (mm) 10-12 cm
Place of Origin EU
Weight (kg) 0.25 kg per pcs
Taste Natural sweet
Shape Round
Cultivation Type Common
Moisture 80% Max
Price Negotiable
Payment Term TT
Packaging Type 5 kg carton (open top)

Paper Corrugated box

Packaging Size 5 KG Nett Weight
Load ability Tons per container: 17 Tons

Pallets per container: 20 Pallet

Cartons per container: 3400 Carton

Cartons per pallet: 170 Carton

Pallet gross Weight: 850 KG