Corn Oil

1L,2L,3L,5L PET Liter Bottles, Jerry Cans of 10-25 Liter plastic and Tin Containers, we also packing in Flexi Tanks and Liter Drums.
According to customer’s requirements



Free Oil Acidity (Expressed OS Oleic Acid) 0.30%

Max Refractive Index at 40C 1.466-1.470

Peroxide Value (Meg. Gr/Kg) 1.0 Max

Saponification Value 189-195

Iodine Value 120-143

Density at 20C 0.909-0.925

Unsaponifiable Matters 1.5% Max

Appearance Clear Soap Test 0.005% Max

Insoluble Impurity in Ether 0.05 Max

Volatile Matter at 105C Test Negative

Mineral Oil Test Negative

Sesame Seed Oil Test Negative

Cold Test after 24 Hours Negative

FF (Iron) 1.5 Max

CU (Copper) 0.1 Max

PB (Lead) 0.1Max